HDMI Issues with Dominator Goggles

When connecting the Dominator range of goggles to your PC , please ensure you have the correct output for the goggles set in PC Graphics settings.

For Example : The Dominator v2 can only support 480p HDMI signal.

                     : The Dominator HD v1 , Dominator v3 and Dominator HD v2 can support up to 720p HDMI signal.

Another thing to note is that the internal RX must be switched off (switch underneath goggles) so as to not interfere with the HDMI input signal, and in some cases with other brands of Rx modules , removal might be necessary.

Something we have struck only once so far is a user whose PC was outputting at a screen refresh rate of 59Hz instead of 60Hz , this did not work until it was changed to the standard 60Hz refresh rate. 

Most HDMI connectivity issues are due to either incorrect monitor settings or faulty HDMI cable. Before assuming the HDMI is defective, try with alternative HDMI sources and alternative cables. HDMI cables may fracture over time at connector flex points.