TransformerHD/Genesis 16:9 AV in upgrade file

To add 16:9 AV in function to TransformerHD and Genesis:

Download link: TransformerHD/Genesis AV in upgrade file

Step 1: download the zip file, extract it and install DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.4 on your PC;

Step 2: open DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.4 and using USB cable to connect your Transformer monitor to the PC;

Step 3: Windows should auto start to install USB driver on your PC; when driver installation finished, choose 'D55_FS_U11_V3.6.4.dfu' on the interface of DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.4 to upgrade the monitor.

Step 4: wait until the upgrade process finished, then close DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.4 and disconnect your Transformer monitor from PC.

Note: upgrading your Genesis to will add side by side option to your goggles, which will be useless and slightly annoying to have to skip through (side by side used by binocular viewer).