Byte Frost


Revision Tracking

Date format is DD/MM/YY for chronological tracking

09/10/19 – new manual, added revision tracking
14/10/19 – notes on 128Gb card, corrected VTX size, added known bugs section, added flip screen (note monitor has additional latency over HDMI as its driven through DVR).



Revision Tracking

0b.CB.22 – VRX update, added format SD, monitor flip screen, fixed 1080 issue

Customer Reported Bugs:

- File header shows as 59 (60 FPS) but is actually 50FPS - working with DVR vendor to access file header formating

- white dots on 450mW power (same as on 400mW) due to spectrum shoulder at high power and is accentuate by some antenna.  Can also be caused by loose antenna.  Ensure solid antenna connection and try different TX antenna.

- mis match in image quality viewed vs recorded - investigating