Firmware Revision History:

  • March 21 2024: New Firmware: Avatar 37.42.5
    • Fixed the function of not deleting the upgrade package after upgrading the Sky terminal
    • Repaired the problem of menu misalignment in sharing mode
    • Added anti-flicker function
    • Added real-time parameter information of Cam in "Debug Mode"
    • Kernel temperature alarm at 85°, stop recording at 95°
    • Changed the original ground menu zoom function to "Debug Mode"
  • February 6 2024: New Firmware: Avatar 37.42.4
    • Added Debug display content
    • Fixed the problem that the gyroscope direction will not rotate with the screen
    • Fixed the problem of exposure change in manual mode
    • Optimized the noise reduction effect
    • Added separate upgrade mode for Moonlight video boards
  • August 23 2023: New Firmware: Avatar 34.40.15
    • Added race mode
    • Improved camera low light noise reduction
    • Enhanced OSD features
    • Fixed voltage display issues
    • Fixed DVR playback issues
  • May 2 2023: New Firmware: Avatar_33.39.10
    • Added spectator mode
    • Added high bitrate mode
    • Added a feature to hide OSD icons
    • Added support custom INAV fonts
  • March 21 2023: New Firmware: Avatar_32.37.10
    • Added support for Avatar V2 VTX
    • Added support for Avatar Camera V2
    • Added support for Avatar Pro Camera
    • Added support for Gyroflow (Must be Gyroflow V1.5 or greater)
    • Added 4.3 full mode
    • Fixed some known issues
  • December 22 2022: New Firmware: Avatar_29.33.16
    • Added OSD recording function
    • Camera Settings can be saved in the VTX
    • Optimized the RF performance of low signal
  • November 4 2022: New Firmware: Avatar_28.32.10
    • Optimized the RF performance
    • Optimized the image quality
    • Added new colored INAV OSD (Just upgrade the firmware, no other action required)
    • Compatible with avatar mini 1S VTX.(If you already upgraded to 28.32.9 FW before, then no need to change the FW name, if you never upgraded to 28.32.9, then please change the name of the firmware to AvatarMini_Sky_28.32.10.img when updating.)
    • Optimized the smoothing when in poor RF, and reduced the latency
    • Fixed an issue where bit rate display was not accurate during low signal
    • Fixed some other known issues.
  • September 9 2022: " New f/w removed temporarily "
    • Added support for INAV, KISS, FETTEC OSD
    • Now Supports custom fonts, colors, and shapes in the OSD
    • Added low signal alarm for VTX signal
    • added a viewfinder
    • added low power function on the goggles
    • Optimized wireless fluency
    • Optimized image quality
    • Optimized the menu
    • Other small issues fixed 
  • August 23 2022: New f/w Avatar 26.30.6
    • Added 4:3 mode
    • Improved night vision
    • Optimized image quality, and penetration
    • f/w can now be upgraded without changing the name
    • Fixed DVR playback issue
    • Fixed issue with OSD occasionally not showing on start-up
    • Other small bug fixes. 
  • July 17 2022:  New f/w:  Avatar 23.23.4 
    • 50Mbps mode
    • Image and performance optimization
    • Other small bug fixes
  • July 5 2022:  New f/w:  Avatar 21.2.5
    • Improved clarity
  • June 30 2022:  New page creation,  Avatar 20.22.4

Dominator update procedure:   


  1. Download the latest Avatar_XX.XX.X ZIP package above (in revision history) to a computer.
  2. Use the Dominator headset to format an SD card.
    1. Settings > Record Set > Format SD Card
  3. Remove the SD card from your goggles and insert it into your computer.
  4. Put the Avatar_Gnd_XX.XX.X.img file onto the SD card.
  5. Eject the SD card from your computer and insert it back into the Dominator headset.
  6. Power up the headset. Wait for it to finish booting up so you see the Standby screen.
  7. Using a tool, push and hold the red Link button for 8 seconds. The headset screens will go black indicating the start of the update process.
  8. The update will take approximately 10 minutes.
  9. During the update, the goggles will beep. This is normal. DO NOT turn off the headset until the update is finished.
  10. When the update is complete, the beeping will stop and the headset will boot back up to the Standby screen
  11. Enter goggle settings menu and select RESET

Avatar HD Video Transmitter update procedure

  1. Download the latest Avatar_XX.XX.X ZIP package above (in revision history) to a computer.
  2. Connect your transmitter to your computer using the USB cable that was included with the transmitter.
  3. Supply power to the video transmitter. If your transmitter is wired to your drone, simply power up your drone with the props off for safety.
  4. The transmitter storage should appear on your computer as an external storage device.
  5. Put the Avatar_Sky_XX.XX.X.img file onto the transmitter's storage.
  6. Disconnect the transmitter from your computer.
  7. The LED on the transmitter should be blinking green.
  8. Push and hold the Link button on the back of the transmitter for 8 seconds.
  9. The LED on the transmitter will turn off indicating the start of the update process.
  10. During the update, the LED on the transmitter will blink red.
  11. When the update is complete, the LED will blink green.


To access all 8 channels and higher power levels for your Avatar HD system, you must unlock your Dominator headset.

Only perform this procedure if the channels and power levels are in accordance with the rules and regulations of your region and you hold any necessary licenses to broadcast on these channels and power levels.

To unlock the headset:

  1. To download the two txt files avatar_std.txt and avatar_pwr.txt to your computer, right-click on the file name and choose Save-As (make sure the names match). You can also download this archive file with both txt files. AvatarHD unlock files archive
    1. ‘Avatar_std.txt’ unlocks all 8 channels
    2. ‘Avatar_pwr.txt’ unlocks 1000mw and 1200mw transmit power
  2. Remove the SD card from your goggles and insert it into your computer.
  3. Put the txt files onto the SD card.
    1. You can put just ‘Avatar_std.txt’ to only unlock 8 channels
    2. Or you can put both files to unlock channels and transmit power.
  4. Eject the SD card from your computer and insert it back into the Dominator headset.
  5. Power up the headset. Wait for it to finish booting up so you see the Standby screen.
  6. The procedure is complete, your Dominator headset will now have access to more channels and higher power levels.