LCD faults (white dots/faulty pixels/dirt)

1)   White dots/ yellow spots, tracks:  White dots or tracks are unfortunately sun damage and not covered by warranty.  It is the result of the sun being magnified though the display optics and burning off the micron thin color filter allowing the white LED to shine through unimpeded.  Minor sun damage can show as slight discoloration or yellowing of areas.  We recommend not replacing the LCD unless it really interferes with the viewing.   Most seasoned FPV pilots call minor sun damage as "breaking them in".   Best to repair after the image becomes too unusable. 

Fat Shark does not wish to benefit from users that experience this failure so we provide replacement LCDs at material cost only and cover the service work. 

2)  Faulty or stuck pixels:   Faulty pixels show up as either a single red, green or blue dot or a black pixel.  These occur during the manufacturing process only and do not form after use.   Fat Shark uses our manufacturers specification to determine fault acceptability (up to 3 pixels total in 25% frame region and up to 1 pixel in center 25% region - not allow more than 3 pixels total for binocular display).

3)  Dirt on lens/LCD face:  Occasionally remnant dust gets trapped inside the lens assembly and it doesn't show until the headset is bumped or jarred dislodging the object and landing on either the LCD face or lens.   We recommend returning the goggles to a repair center to clean the lens assembly for you.