Bad color, wrong color, black/white image

Pink tint on wireless (normal on AV in):   Incorrect lens installed on camera (no IR cut). 

Fat Shark camera  colors are washed out:   Using lens with no IR cut - use Fat Shark approved lens.

Grey image when using a non-Fat Shark camera:  Check camera voltage requirements, likely you are using a 12V camera and its only being supplied 5V from the Fat Shark transmitter.

One side of display has an incorrect tint (one side normal, other side red/blue).  Failed LCD connector, contact Fat Shark Support for assistance.

Grey frame around image:  Normal due to different video standards.  The frame is the buffer to ensure images don't get cropped.   Best to use Fat Shark cameras as they have been optimized to maximize screen usage.

Blue frame around image (Attitude goggles):  Normal artifact of the LCD and plastic optics.

Colors washed out:  Adjust contrast with display control joystick.