Supported radios

Known Supported radios:

- ezUHF (note ezUHF supports HT independently from the radio used, if your radio does not support HT, then can add HT via ezUHF)
- Futaba: in general Futaba 7 series radios and above support the HT
- Futaba T8FG (see post #123)
- Futaba 8j
- Futaba 10C
- Futaba 10cg
- Futuba T12FG (2S may trigger headset low voltage alarm)
- Futaba 14mZ (must be in 8ch mode - see setup notes in thread)
- Futaba T14SG (must be in 8ch mode and trainer switch assigned - pg 18th this thread).
- Graupner MX-12 (ch 5 and 6 only - will not support roll axis)
- FRSKY Taranis (must be setup via mixing PPM(x) as source to channel - see post #465)
- Graupner MX-16
- Turnigy 9X/ FlySky THB9
- Spektrum DX7s (latest f/w with programmable master function in the trainer menu)
- Spektrum DX8
- Spektrum DX10t
- Walkera DEVO-F4/F7, DEVO-6/7/7E/8S/10/12S
-Taranis Plus (with opentx firmware)

Unsupported radios:
- Hitec Aurora9
- Spectrum DX6i
- Spectrum DX7 (I've heard recent software can support this, please update if true
- Futaba 6EX
- Futaba 6J
- Futaba 7uap
- WFly 8
- Sanwa RD8000
- Sanwa RD6000
- Multiplex Cockpit SX
- Walkera radios other than DEVO-F4/F7, DEVO-6/7/7E/8S/10/12S
- Turnigy 9XR (seems to work through 3.5mm data port but due to number of problems support is no longer provided for this radio)*

*WARNING* Fat Shark has discontinued support for the Turnigy 9XR radio, particularly the Futaba port modification. There has been a cascading number of reports of users incorrectly modding the radio and frying the head tracker. Do not attempt this modification, a fried head tracker will not be covered by warranty.

WARNING TO ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO MAKE YOUR OWN CABLE: The HT PCB can be easily damaged by accidentally applying voltage to the PPM line or vise versa, damage your radio. Fat Shark will not warranty any damage due to modified cables. Cables are inexpensive and in stock at most retailers.